Pesto Chickpea Pasta with Sautéed Cauliflower [gluten-free, vegan]

One of my favorite ways to consume plant-based protein is with pasta made from legumes. In this dish, I use a quick homemade pesto and the most flavorful sautéed cauliflower and all of these flavors work together SO well. I was honestly shocked by how delicious this combination is! Normal wheat pasta always used to […]

Alkalizing Green Gazpacho [gluten-free, vegan, paleo, raw, nightshade-free]

With spring here and summer fast approaching, I am already craving all of the refreshing and nourishing meals. One of my favorite dishes has always been gazpacho, so I decided to make a new variation – green gazpacho! This is not your typical gazpacho though – it is free from nightshades (no tomatoes!), garlic, and […]

Turkey Bell Pepper Meatballs with “Creamy” Avocado Sauce [gluten-free, paleo]

All you cilantro lovers out there… this recipe is for you!! In all honesty, I used to strongly dislike cilantro, but my disliking didn’t last for long because now I love it. Thank goodness my palate changed cause now I’m a cilantro queen. I put it on everything – from throwing some into a salad […]