Favorite Quick Eats [pt. 1]

It is essential to be able to easily find a quick bite to eat that is healthy, satisfying, and makes me feel good while I’m out and about or simply just planning a lunch date. My definition of “quick eats” in this sense is a place where you order at the counter and/or can grab something already made to-go. Featured below are some of my favorite places to grab a bite in the city, whether I’m on the go or if I have the whole day free!

I hope that one (hopefully more!) of the places below peak your interest. Hence the “part 1,” this is just the beginning of all of my favorite places in the city!

Souvla (Hayes St, Divisadero St, Valencia St)

Souvla easily made it on this list without a single hesitation. If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while you probably recognize the name of this place as I’ve posted about them a few times. Souvla has grown to have a cult following – to be honest, it is always packed, but don’t be deceived by the line out the door! It moves very quickly and they have the table timing down! Whether you order a mouth-watering salad with their famous spit-fired meats (vegetarian options too!) or a warm pita wrap, you will definitely be satisfied.

My go-to is the lamb salad sub chicken (I love both of the meats but the chicken just melts in your mouth!). Oh, and you can’t forget their frozen Greek yogurt drizzled with honey… To say the least, I always walk out of Souvla with a smile on my face.

Jane (Fillmore St, Larkin St, Geary Blvd)

Even though Jane has been around for quite some time now, my love for this place has not gone down at all. I find myself at Jane probably more often than I should… My school is within walking distance to their Fillmore street location, so when off-campus lunchtime rolls around, I don’t hesitate to skip down to Jane to grab a bite to eat. Right when you walk in, the aroma of fresh pastries, coffee, and just yummy deliciousness enter your body – not to mention the fun hipster vibe and aesthetically pleasing decor. I’ve literally had at least one bite of everything on the menu, so trust me when I say that you can’t go wrong. My ultimate go-to’s would have to be the chia pudding parfait, nutty bird bread, and the green queen salad!

Nourish Café (Hyde St, 6th Ave)

Another place that pops up on my Instagram very, very often is Nourish Café. Nourish is my true favorite place in the city, for real! I love everything about this place: the fresh smell that hits your nose when you walk in; the calm atmosphere; and extremely kind staff. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that Nourish is fully vegan. As someone who isn’t even close to being a vegan, I love everything here. They also use no refined sugar which is another win for me! Nourish is another place where I’ve had basically the entire menu. I feel like this place is my second home (more like my second kitchen!). Their avocado chimichurri toast blows any avocado toast you’ve ever had out of the water, and their “tuna” bowl topped with seed and nut “tuna” is off-the-charts delicious. Oh, and whatever you do, you need to order a side of the siracha miso dressing – you just have to taste it. It is literally delicious on anything, and I could eat it with a spoon.

But my real favorite part about Nourish is the sweet treats that they have to offer. I don’t even know where to begin! In short, their chocolate chip cookie (which is paleo!) is ridiculous. I dream about it – no joke. Every time I go, I am sure to get one for that evening or the next day because I love them that much. It is made with insanely good ingredients: almond flour, vanilla, flax, maple syrup, coconut oil, sea salt, and vegan chocolate chips. Recently, I have gone wild over their cinnamon “cheesecake” (also paleo), which I believe is seasonal (and I could cry about this because I never want it to leave my life). The cinnamon “cheesecake” makes it in the top 5 best foods that I have ever had in my life, EVER! I want to have it served at my wedding… so yes, it is seriously that good.

Urban Remedy (Union St, Hayes St, locations throughout the Bay area and CA)

I love, love, love, Urban Remedy with all of my heart! When you arrive, you are entranced into a clean, sleek, and gorgeous setting with the kindest sales associates. Everything at Urban Remedy is already made in compostable to-go boxes, so it is easy to grab on-the-go or you can sit and enjoy the delicious food and amazing vibe at the white indoor picnic tables. They have salads/wraps, raw, vegan desserts (most of which are also paleo), and refreshing juices and nut milks.

Urban Remedy is another place where I’ve tried basically everything (it seems like I say that about every place… haha!). From the Macro Bowl with quinoa, kale, and sweet potatoes to the cashew blue magic milk I crave it all! The blue magic milk tastes like cinnamon-y, creamy deliciousness! But my absolute go-to is the vegan caesar, and this is not just your average caesar (I’m actually not a fan of a “classic” caesar). I could eat the cashew “parmesan” on its own and the creamy cashew dressing bursts with a lemony tartness. Whatever you decide on getting at Urban Remedy, you won’t be disappointed!

So there you have it – just a FEW of my favorite places! Like I said, this is only PART 1 to some of my favorite places in San Francisco, and there’s much more coming your way, so be sure to stay tuned. If you try out any of these places, please let me know what you think :)!

Lots of love, Worth

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